Quickie #3

10 01 2010

These quickies are becoming a regular thing now huh? It’s a showcase how lazy I am with my blogs! ARGH! Sorry about that, I really would like to update you all more often but I’ve just been busy (really I have!). So here is what’s going on in the stockpile!:

I just picked up a project for a musician named Josh Robin. I’m doing a music video for his only single: Awake. The song is okay, I guess. Nothing I would listen to but I’m sure it will appeal to someone. The footage I got though is pretty legit and I’m excited to edited the stuff Spencer Smith (director of photography) shot. This is the second time I’ve edited a music video without being involved with the production. What’s the first one you may ask? Well let’s just say I don’t talk about that. But if you do some digging (not much), you’ll find it online.

In other news! I’m going to Sundance film festival for those of you who did not know. I leave Los Angeles on January 25th and we are staying there until the night of the 30th. The best part of the whole thing though is that I’m going for free! Plane ticket and hotel room paid for! The event is being sponsored by my film program Inner-City Filmmakers and a little place called the Creative Arts Agency (you may have heard of it). All of the students that applied had to write an essay and submit a video explaining why they deserve to go.

In movie news! Mrs. Red is well into pre-production. I’ve completed 80% of the storyboards, the script is broken down, some locations are locked, crew is hired and I’m casting next Wednesday and Thursday! That’s right, I’m working with real actors again. The last time I tried that out it was during The Devil’s Company and my followers/readers/subscribers know that little hiccup. I don’t blame the delayed release of the movie on the actors. They were all great but I wasn’t ready to carry that mantel as a director on such an ambitious short. But I’m glad I got in there and got dirty! Now I’m ready to take on something much smaller with a little more education under my belt. I’ve been reading a lot of filmmaking books, four in particular: How Not To Make A Short Film by Roberta Munroe, Rebel Without A Crew by Robert Rodriguez, The DV Rebel’s Guide by Stu Maschwitz and recently Directing Actors by Judith Weston. All of these books I highly recommend to any newbie filmmaker. As of now Mrs. Red is due to start shooting the very beginning of February and released in March, more than likely. I plan on entering this and Ricky vs. SilentBat into this year’s AoF Film Festival.

Eek! This quickie is becoming a longie. LOL. That’s what she said. Anyways …


“Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Peace & Much ❤

Oh and today is my birthday. I’m no longer a teenager! The big 2-0!




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