Uber Fantastic Weekend

14 11 2009

Uber Fantastic Weekend_PictureLast weekend was uber fantastic! First, it was the official start on production for Devin White’s Reunion Rumble. Second, I went to a high school play where I spoke to some of the actors after the show. Third, I went to a place called Howie’s with Ricky and his brother and friend. It was seriously the most fun I’ve had anywhere in the longest time.

Saturday morning I woke up rather earlier. I had to get together my equipment for the weekend shoot for Reunion Rumble and I had to insert an establishing shot I hadn’t done before (a blog about that later).  I was in constant contact with Devin the whole time about what I was packing, what I was eating and when I took a shower. We were both excited, though we were both running behind schedule. I eventually got all my things packed (forgot my firewire capture cable) and drove away to pick up Ricky. We met up with Devin and his friend Jane and got right into filming. It was a lot of fun. We laughed a lot, which is always good. Then we did some other short scenes, all of them were dialogue based so they were fairly simple. Devin, Ricky and I work really well together and I think we all balance each other out pretty well with the knowledge we bring.

Later in the day when Jane had to get ready for a show, Devin and I practiced one of the fight scenes within the movie. It was really tough coming up with choreography that would show my lightsaber skills and his martial arts. There was a really funny incident that happened when we were planning out the fight in an elevator. When the elevator door opens Devin kicks me out but little did we know there was a crowd of people on the other side of the door and I was so into it that I flung myself back, embarrassing myself in front of a group of girls. We all immediately rushed back into the elevator where we heard giggles from the other side of the door (too bad Ricky wasn’t shooting that take!)

After we filmed our practice we headed to go to a play at Devin’s old high school. They put on a performance of Twelve Angry Men, which was renamed Twelve Angry Jurors since there were female actors involved. I always enjoyed Twelve Angry Men, it’s a really well written play and it was well performed by the high school kids, though there were some standout performances. After the show was over Ricky and I waited for the actors to come from backstage so we could speak to a few of them. It was fun handing out business cards and telling a few of the actors we wanted to “work” with them in the future. Ricky got a kick out of it too. So far, only one actor has contacted us but that’s all I was really expecting. It was a lot of fun and made us feel really official and legit.

Sunday came and we were supposed to be set for more shooting but everyone couldn’t make it so Ricky, his brother and me sat around bored until his friend Brandon came along and pumped us up to go to this placed called Howie’s. Howie’s is essentially a geek haven, lined with XBOX 360s and PCs packed with the latest and greatest gaming hardware. First thing we played when we got there was Left 4 Dead (no surprise for those who no me and my gaming habits). It was difficult playing, I’ll admit. Ricky and Brandon were very new to the game and we spent a lot of the time babysitting. After about an hour we hopped onto some Call of Duty 4, which was a lot of fun until a pair of other gamers hopped in our game and whooped our asses. We could only take two games of ass whooping before we gave up and played some Gears of War 2, Borderlands and Left 4 Dead again. I actually just noticed a pattern of first person shooters (aside from Gears). The gaming industry is so saturated with them.

We didn’t leave out of Howie’s until pass midnight. When we got back to Ricky’s we watched The Matrix but I feel asleep just before the huge bullet-time rooftop scene.

Good weekend. I hope for another great one coming up 😀

Picture 3

Reunion Rumble (directed by Devin White)


“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Peace & Much ❤




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18 11 2009

Woah….this is a new, intersting layout blog

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