FilmRiot Editing Competition

1 11 2009

Film Riot Competition_PictureSo this is my first official blog on Antoine’s Stockpile, the brother blog to Antoine’s Junkpile. I still haven’t figured out how I’ll differentiate between the two blogs. I think this blog will be more focused on what I’m doing as weekly update, maybe some articles about world events and movie stuffs. My older blog will be used as a … well …  junkpile. I’ll dump mostly videos and artwork there. The real place to get your update on Antoine’s going-ons will be here. If you’ll look to the left I’ll always have a picture of where ever I am currently since most of the time I’ll be posting from my laptop. I thought that would be a fun thing to do.

But I digress (already).

Just a few hours ago I saw that one of my favorite podcasts, FilmRiot, had a small editing competition going on. Me, myself and I want to be a feature film editor some day in the movie industry so I got right on top of it. I’ll admit, at first I thought it was going to be super easy and I’d be done in an hour but it’s been almost four hours.

This was my second or third time editing a project that I was not directly involved with. It’s a lot different editing when you were not on set. You really can come into it with new eyes, which is good. Though, I still would prefer editing the things I shoot: a la Robert Rodriguez (I’ll definitely be explaining that in a later blog).

So, the competition was to edit an unedited skit from the podcast. Essentially it was very simple: shot-reverse and one other setup. Sounds easy enough if you generally know what editing is but the actors in the skits made it more difficult with inconsistent gestures and vocal inflections (gotta love them actors). Whenever I got into an editing groove I would always hit a road bump with them. I think they shot the skit very quickly and probably rehearsed it before hand only once or twice so the actors would only get through about a line or two before looking off screen for a line. On top of that, the file Ricky downloaded and sent to me goes out of sync near the end so I had to re-sync some of the audio as well, which was also a drag. But that’s all okay. It’s the editor’s challenge. We are supposed to love that puzzle (or so I’ve been told).  In the end though, after I get pass all those road bumps and I get something that’s actually viewable it is very rewarding.

So now I’ve exported the first rough cut and sent it to Ricky for color correction. The runtime on it right now 00:01:14;07 (one minute, fourteen seconds, seven frames). I saw some of the other submissions and I feel pretty confident with what I’ve got so far, though it still needs to be tweaked and perfected. This certainly is the first time I’ve edited anything remotely comedic though. Comedy based a lot on timing and rhythmn, which I feel I have none of. But I’ve watched the skits on the podcast before and I sort of know the style they go with and it fits perfectly with the way they shoot. In fact, it was sort of difficult to not emulate some of the beats they edit with on the show but I tried to re-edit some of the dialogue with a few different beats to give off my own flare. I’ll definitely post the edited version I am doing now once it is all said and done. I’ll also write another blog about how I went about editing the piece, and maybe (if I’m not lazy) what editing means to me.

I’ll keep you posted. Remember this is the new blog! Enjoy the picture below.

Shower TwitPic


The meaning of life is to find meaning.” – Unknown

Peace & Much ❤




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